Venus enters Scorpio

It is a time of mature contacts and respectful bonds that find enough tact and tenderness to reach middle grounds and satisfy everyone involved. While Venus balances out needs of two Suns, two authorities, and two role models in lives of individuals born on November 6th, they might forget to attend to their instinctive needs and their core of personality. The important thing here is to not get detached from first impulse, from physical needs and one's sexuality, so that true balance can be found within instead of simply serving relationships to merge different attitudes.

Their focus should constantly stay tuned to their inner world before they jump out to help others or heal wounds of those around them. Their own wounds need to be cared for first. As soon as their priorities are set on themselves, they become proactive and find the power to make their life satisfying and fulfilling on numerous planes.

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The Sabian symbol for Scorpio representatives born on November 6th in a year preceding a leap year:. The Sabian symbol for Scorpio representatives born on November 6th in a leap year and two years following it:. We can see that these symbols connect the dots through practical approaches, and while we might expect this from little Mercury, it seems like Venus has a task here to point out the connections and relationships among numerous details, people and circumstances.

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People born on this date feel the need to see the bigger picture through their emotional reactivity to the outer world. They need to connect the dots, connect with others, and create relationships that are based on a solid foundation of individuality and independence. The purpose in lives of those born on the 6th of November is found in the symbolism of Mars, which is not an unusual state for Scorpio representatives but points out the importance of embracing inner oppositions and "negative" emotions in a colorful and positive tone. Their task is to love their anger, let the steam out, work on their material reality and care for their body.

During the course of their life, they tend to discover the benefits of healthy routines and physical activity, as they boost their energy to fit their own purpose in life instead of trying to find it in relationships they form. Sexuality plays a large part of each romance people born on November 6th commit to.

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You may want to use them later. Pisces Feb Mar 20 Some vivid and wonderful dreams might provide inspiration for future creative projects. Success in career and relationships is indicated. Your increased intuition heightens your understanding of others. Wednesday, October 9, Sign in.

Daily Horoscope: November 6, 2018

Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Bong Life. Share on Facebook. Daily Horoscope July 8-Monday Daily Horoscope July 7, Daily Horoscope July 6-Saturday Daily Horoscope July 5, Daily Horoscope July 3-Wednesday Daily Horoscope July 2, Daily Horoscope July 1-Monday Daily Horoscope June 28, Aug 23 — Sep This is a very spiritual and creative day for you, Virgo.

Any creative effort will likely resonate deeply. You could dabble with a paintbrush or makes notes in a journal. Create for the sheer joy of it. Sep 23 — Oct Today is ideal for romance, Libra. Attend a lecture or take a workshop. If you have a mate, do something different together that helps you get to know one another better.

A spiritual retreat might be just the boost your relationship needs. Oct 23 — Nov You have a good heart, Scorpio, and today it expands to bestow love on all mankind. This would be a direct expression of your feelings and could potentially help many people.

Nov 22 — Dec Your innate talent and conscientious work ethic earn you admiration and respect. They have nothing to do with your success.

Daily Horoscope November 6, 2016: Scorpio

Friends will try to get you to support one of their causes. Think carefully. They want your hands-on support. While you might be intimidated by addressing a crowd, you always did want to use a megaphone. Volunteer for a night and see how it goes. You may enjoy it.